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Via Crucis

by John Donovan

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Three Turns 03:21
I was turning the tide And the table was wide When the sun hit my eyes Someone left my sight I was turned in on time By the son of Simon When I closed my eyes He was at my side I turned down the fight And the rooster cried When I opened my eyes I was sent to die
Twelve men on horses Unholy forces Followed behind Heavy expressions On the procession Flooded my mind And I couldn't see The two trailing thieves Though I heard them I couldn't waste A breath as I braced The burden Through all the alleys Families rallied But I loved them still In my resistance Far in the distance I saw the hill But I couldn't see The flowers or the trees That I knew so well I couldn't bear The thought of the snare The thought of Hell Through all the hatred My family waited Counting the loss Ancient predictions No contradictions Carried across
[Father] 00:44
Maria stood outside my bedroom door While I drew flowers on the wall And when she couldn't take it anymore She went running down the hall And she ran past the maker And she ran past the made And she turned to the taker Who was lying in the shade So I walked past the maker And I walked past the made And I turned to the taker Who was lying in the shade I pushed my hair behind my ears And I looked at Maria And only loud enough for her to hear I said, "I'll see ya when I see ya."
An Offering 01:29
If I could have gone forward on my own Would I have gone again? And if I could have looked him in the eye Would I have trusted him? I couldn't be distracted by the crowd By the dirt inside my wounds An offering was given out loud That he would carry too
Seraphia 03:08
Oh, Veronica, there are so few As calm and caring and loving as you Oh, Veronica, I gave you my grace Like I gave you the blood that you wiped from my face Oh, Veronica, holding the cloth It won't be destroyed by fire or moth Oh, Veronica, Seraphia Oh, Veronica, Seraphia Oh, Veronica, Seraphia Oh, Veronica, Seraphia Seraphia, Seraphia, Seraphia
[Son] 00:49
I stepped to the side And the women said kind words to me Some were young, some were old Some of them wailing And some of them hailing And I saw the fear in their souls I wasn't supposed To be looking for ghosts But the sunlight was acting so strange Maybe the wind Will take all of us in Or maybe the weather will change I stepped to the gate And the people were waiting for me Some were short, some were tall Some of the jeering And some of them sneering And I was forgiving them all I tried to keep up As my body was struck But the mud on the road was too wet Maybe the wind Will remember their sins Or maybe the weather forgets
[Spirit] 00:42
Built my life on my own In my grandfather's home Built my mind out of stars Saw you cry from afar I was given a name And the angels proclaimed And they carried me, and they carried me Built my house with my hands On the rock where it stands Built the Son with my arms On the hill by the farm I was wrapped in a sheet From my hair to my feet And they carried me, and they carried me
Seven Amens 02:13


John Donovan's Via Crucis is an interpretation of the fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross. The standard approach to presenting the Stations is observational, third-person, and present tense ("Jesus is condemned to death," "Jesus is taken down from the cross," etc.). Via Crucis shifts the focus to experiential, first-person, and past tense ("I was sent to die," "I was wrapped in a sheet," etc.). These changes, combined with Donovan's approach to songwriting, result in a body of impressionistic stories being told from the perspective of Jesus. The subject becomes the narrator. Even the tracks without words are meant as emotive inward reactions rather than onlooker-based compendia.

The intent of these compositions is twofold: to provide music to your music-loving ears, and to provide points of reflection to those wishing to reflect. Thank you for listening.


released February 13, 2013

Written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Donovan.
Cover photo by John Donovan.


all rights reserved



John Donovan St Louis, Missouri

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