some tracks i found on a hard drive

by John Donovan

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released May 11, 2019

written, performed, recorded by john donovan

circa 2015 - 2017


all rights reserved



John Donovan St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: give and take
from tennessee to tokyo
the centuries are quickening
hyperbole is thickening
but you can take your time
you can take it slow
the histories in front of you
are many but just one is true

mortal wounds and mortal sin
circle us like birds of prey
it feels just like the judgment day
but the end of time has always been
to see it you must look away
to bear it, lose your barricades
Track Name: parallels
violinist, drinking guinness
i just can't seem to ever start what i finish
scented candle on your mantle
says apple pie but i'm not buying that shit
it smells like cinnamon and that's really it
woke up this morning in an orchestra pit

you could be a ballerina
and i could be someone that you'll never see
or i could be your little eeyore
and you could be my little winnie the pooh
i'll give you honey and you'll give me the blues
i never liked you but i like what you do

i went to graceland, stood on the grand stand
but a missing person told me to get lost
my lucky penny told me to get tossed
my lord and savior told me to get crossed
and william weller told me to get sauced

hello lamp post, you're a lamp post
when the hell did i start talking to lamp posts?
Track Name: generationalization
puts me in the worst kind of place
puts me in the mood to change the station
throws me down hard on my face
throws me a bone for consolation

puts you in a beautiful box
pumps you with plastic inspiration
sells you the Sign of the Clock
sells you to the prodigal nation
Track Name: go, goliath
go, goliath
go, goliath
i know i'm not supposed
to cheer for you
but so what if i do?
and so what if you lose?

oh, icarus
i know you don't exist
and i'm not supposed
to act like you
but who cares if i do?
and who cares where you flew?

[joyful electric guitar takes to the skies]

go, goliath
i know you're just a myth
and i'm not supposed
to cheer for you
but so what if i do?
and so what if you lose?
Track Name: sweet goodbyes
well i think it's time for me to get leaving
believe me darling, i wish it wasn't so
but with the rising sun comes another day of working
and just for now, i think it's time to go

yes, i think it's time for sweet goodbyes my darling
i'll see you again at the end of the day
you'll be in my heart in every passing moment
but for now it's time for me to go away

well it goes without saying that i love you
and i'll love you forever, this i vow
and it's harder to leave you than i can put in words
but goodbye is really just goodbye for now